Comic duet “OP-PA!”

Comic duet “OP-PA!” — Olga Lifentseva and Vladimir Kravchenko

With a lot of imagination they give us the idea of variety of clownery and of combination of such genres as pantomime, puppetry, buffoonery, synchronous buffoonery and many others.
The actors were on a tour abroad. A lot of spectators applauded actors while they were on their tour abroad in the USA, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Poland, Greece, Taiwan, Hungary, UAE, Singapore, China…
They are:
• Prize winners of the Chuck Norris’s project «The Stars of the 21st Century»;
• Laureate of American «World Fest»;
• Laureate of «The Humour Cup-2003»;
• Prize winners of The 1st Russian Modern Pantomime Festival Competition «The White Mask»;
• Participants of «The Planet of Clownery» Festival;
• Participants of the TV-programs «Distorting Mirror», «Panorama of Laughter», «Laughter is allowed» and others;
• Among them there is the first clown-woman ventriloquist in Russian version of Guinness book.
Olga Lifentseva
(economist, clown, singer, stage humorist, ventriloquist, 1st Russian woman ventriloquist in Guinness Book of Records’ /Russian the only edition/)
• 1980-1985 — Moscow State University of Production Progress and Management Profession: economist
• 1982-1985 — School of Singing at Cultural Centre of Arts Workers (Moscow) Profession: classical singing
• 1985-1990 — State Institute of Theatre Art (Moscow) Profession: variety actress
Vladimir Kravchenko
(mime, clown, pantomime and plastique theatre director)
• 1985-1989 — All-USSR Creative Studio of Variety show (Moscow) Profession: mime
• 1999-2001 — Academy of Culture and Art Workers Retraining (Moscow) Pantomime department: the head Ilya Rutberg Profession:- pantomime and plastique theatre director

• At that moment they linked their lives and a new family and artistic union appeared «OP-PA!» Comic Duet
«OP-PA!» Comic Duet experience:
• 1993-2000 — Teresa Durova’s Clownery Theatre (Moscow)
• 2000-2002 — Zheromsky Pantomime Centre (Moscow)
• 2002-2003 — «Circus on the Stage» (Moscow)
• 2004 -2019 — Slava Polunin’s International Clownery Centre (Moscow)
2020 up to now Moscow circus of Yury Nikulin

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